Become a Passionista Stylist

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What is the affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a fun way for Fashionistas like you to earn amazing perks while promoting Passionista. Each season, we’ll update you with banner ads, photos, exclusive spoilers, and all of the other resources you’ll need to help you earn the most perks possible. 

We offer a very competitive commission to our affiliates. Our affiliates earn 10% of each sale. But each sale is on average $100 four times per year!  So each customer provides you an income opportunity 4 times per year. In addition to the income made during the member-only sales. So whether you have a large following or a Fashionista looking run your own fashion business we've got you covered! 

Will I be receiving a box when I sign up as an affiliate?

We offer all of our affiliates 20% off their first box. You will be sent a coupon code after you sign up as an affiliate. You can also earn a free box (the next quarter) when you generate three or more sales with your tracking link.

You can give your followers, friends or clients any the following coupon codes in addition to your affiliate link so they can receive $10 off their first box: FIRSTBOX.

What is the difference between the tracking link and $10 off coupon code? uses a third party to handle all of the tracking and payment. The third party is the affiliate network. You can sign up as an Affiliate: by clicking the sign up button below.  Kindly review the network’s payment terms and conditions.

You will create a password so that you may enter ShareASale’s secure affiliate account interface. From their site you will be able to receive your reports that will describe our calculation of the commissions due to you.

Your unique tracking link is how we’re able to keep track of sales so we can pay out your commission accordingly. If you are promoting the box on your Instagram, we recommend putting your unique tracking link in your bio. This way, your followers are able to click through and you can earn your commission.

I don’t live in the United States or Canada. Can I still sign up to your affiliate program?

You can sign up to be an affiliate no matter where you live in the world! Please note that as of right now, only your U.S. and Canada­-based followers are able to purchase our Box or earn a free box. If you can’t find the answer to your question or concern, please always feel free to reach out to: